Vertical Horizon – Burning the Days

vertical horizon burning the days

Written By: Victor Alfieri

Label: Outfall Records – Rating:

“I need you to hear me. I want you to feel this.” After a six year break, Matt Scannell and Vertical Horizon don’t waste time in stating their intentions. The opening lyrics of the first track state it all. The band has come full circle from the early days in many ways, but their main objective…making you remember why you became a Vertical Horizon fan to begin with.

In the world of music, where songwriting has taken a backseat to personality and schtick, Burning the Days has a combination of strong lyrics and intricate compositions that have become the exception and not the norm. The textural layering is reminiscent of Peter Gabriel in his hey-day.

Released September 22nd on Outfall Records, this brings the band back to where they started. Established in 1992 as a duo, VH released three albums themselves (There and Back Again – 1993, Running on Ice – 1995, Live Stages – 1997), before signing to major label for the next two albums. They’re back doing it themselves again. The first single, “Save Me From Myself,” is already getting airplay, and like “Everything You Want” from a previous release, it looks like it will get a good push.

Vertical Horizon consists of Matt Scannell (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, programming), Keith Kane (acoustic guitar, vocals), Sean Hurley (bass) & Jason Sutter (drums). This album also saw the band get some help from two well known names. Grammy award-winning Richard Marx plays the piano on “Here” and produces Scannell’s vocals on two tracks. Rock legend and Rush drummer, Neil Peart, guests on three tracks and wrote the lyrics for “Even Now.”

For Scannell, playing with Peart was one of those “dream come true” moments. In an interview with lead man (also by CWG Magazine), he stated that Rush was one of his biggest musical inspirations and that Peart was an idol of his.

“Save Me From Myself” & “All Is Said And Done” are the strongest tracks on this album. “The Middle Ground” and “The Lucky One” are other highlights, as well as the final track, “Even Now.” The ballads are all strong as well, but this album’s strength shows when the band flexes its muscles a bit. I think there is enough on this album to both appease the long-time fan and anybody that has just found the band.

Vertical Horizon will be doing 30-40 dates through the end of the year and will go back on the road in the New Year to support Burning the Days.

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Check out Victor’s interview with Matt Scannell.


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