New Let ‘Em Riot Single – Automatic

Written By: Darwin Green
(Reviews Editor)

**Editor-in-chief’s note: This song is bat-shit crazy good! Download it at once… Take it away, Darwin – JM

Download “Automatic

Let ‘Em Riot paints music with both broad electronica strokes and precise dots and loops. In “Automatic,” Alan Oakes uses this to create a sense of dread and apathy, hearkening back to a darker side of 80s synth pop, a la Soft Cell or Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me” without the silliness.

Indeed, the lyrics reflects a certain sense of despondency within Oakes. As a listener, everything within the song serves as a catharsis for the numb and disaffected. As that may be, however, it is certainly a beautiful catharsis of a song.


One Response to “New Let ‘Em Riot Single – Automatic”

  1. CWG, Inc. Says:

    Amazing song!

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