Buckcherry – Live & Loud 2009

Label: Eleven Seven
Rating: 3.5 Guns

Buy On:

Written By: Natalie Perez
(Metal Editor)

Being a Grammy-nominated act is one thing, but being from Los Angeles, California the capitol of the world music franchise, is a whole different story.L.A.’s best local hard-rockers, Buckcherry, are back with a new live offering. Formed in ’95, Buckcherry have been around for 14 years now. They’ve released numerous albums to date, “Buckcherry” (1999) and “Time Bomb” (2001), before dissolving in the summer of 2002. When 2005 arose, lead vocalist Josh Todd and guitarist Keith Nelson had formed a brand spanking new band, using the Buckcherry moniker releasing new material entitled “15” (2006).

Since then, Buckcherry has never looked back on their musical career by any stretch. Constant tours and recording their follow-up, 2008’s “Black Butterfly” was a standoff for them. Buckcherry had the opportunity of a lifetime, hitting the road with metal legends, Motley Crue, on the very first “Crue Fest,” which took the world literally by storm with one single shot.When it was all said and done, the band decided to go forth and unleash their first live album – “Live & Loud 2009,” – a record that captures the real Buckcherry live experience.

Buckcherry’s biggest hits are included, such as “Sorry,” “Crazy Bitch,” “Lit Up,” “Ridin’” and “Everything,” as well as songs from “Black Butterfly,” (2008). You get an overdose of pure hard rock n’ roll on this album! Getting thrown a series of non-stop tunes you can bob your head too or catch yourself easily singing right along to.

Buckchrry’s up-beat and catchy choruses and amazing instrumental portions really define the band’s unique sound and style. The music builds upon itself as each song is played out; slowing forming tension and energy in their music, piece by thrilling piece. When the album is all said and done, you’ll truly believe that you were at a real live Buckcherry concert.

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