All hail the Yeti!

“Yeti” is a comer in the Southern California metal scene. In a town of so many bands, they feel no fear that they will blend in with the crowd. Their brand of metal is truly unique enough to stand on its own. Yeti is not just a band, it’s a concept. The myth of bigfoot and his unimaginable power runs strong through the blood of this band. They will not be denied. All hail the Yeti!

Q: Tell me what we need to know about Yeti.

A:Connor: you need to know that a change is coming in the heavy metal music scene. In a world saturated with dueling iron maiden esque metalcore, and deep growling deathcore….that change is Yeti. we want to bring back the groove and sludge to metal that got lost somewhere in the masses!

Q: The Yeti is not just your band name. It is a concept, an idea. Tell the readers what they need to know about this.

A:Connor: Yeti is not only a band name but an entity!. bigger than just a myth being told for thousands of years… the mystery of not knowing whats out there, and how giant and massive this creature can be!

Q: Your sound is described as, “metal/hardcore/grime.” Talk about this a bit and what it means to you?

A:Connor: well first and foremost we are a heavy metal band, there is so many sub genres nowadays its hard to place music in the proper category. we have a mixture of sludgy grimey slow swampy songs, and a blend of hardcore style breakdowns and moshy parts as well. We play what we like to hear!

Q: Something I like a lot about you is that your lineup consists of vocals, guitar, bass and drums (no second guitar). How do you feel about the one- guitar setup? What advantages and disadvantages do you think it provides and how does it effect your sound?

A:Connor: well originally one guitar is what we wanted but i think in the future we are gonna expand to just opens up so many doors to the live show and makes the sound that much heavier and chaotic! far as advantages there is less difficulty in the writing process cause too many hands in the pot always messes things up!!

Q: Playing out of Los Angeles brings both opportunity and competition. How has it effected the band?

A:Connor: well for us this is where we live so its home!..opportunity is just what you make of it! far as the competition our sound is so unique to the Hollywood scene that we seem to not have any competition.

Q: “Deep Creek” starts with an explosion and never lets up. It has a feel of violence and uncontrollable energy. Somewhere amidst the chaos and screaming are some incredible guitar melodies and vocal runs. Talk about creating this atmosphere of chaos, while at the same time bringing moments of reason. How do you do it? Is it intentional? What is the process like?

A:Connor: our writing process is very democratic as a band we feel that there is no “star” just four guys that want to make good music..when we wrote that song there was a bit of chaos going on.. the song felt right to make it about a place where it is known for bigfoot sightings..i spent a lot of time there when i was growing up.. so for me it seemed the perfect place to write a song about….especially for YETI!

Q: Talk a little about the lyrical concepts of your songs.

A:Connor: there is no reasoning behind what I write! if i feel a song needs to be about an ex who broke my heart i will. if i feel the song needs to be about a girl i fell in love with i will….its all just emotions on paper that become lyrics…we have songs about getting high!..we have songs about bigfoot. and songs about murder!…so whatever’s right for the music is what gets used!

Q: What do you think about the direction of hardcore metal today and what do you think the future holds for it?

Connor: like i said before there is a change coming almost like a cleansing of the saturation of generic cookie cutter metal…and we are that thunderstorm…we will be there for the uprising…..we are the revolution!!”

Yeti can be found at:…..….

“Take the time to listen to music and not just like it cause your friends do…there is so many great bands out there that never get heard…support unsigned music!!!



Yeti joins the list of up and coming metal bands that have been given an opportunity to be heard… here in the Continuum.


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