Teenage Bottlerocket – They Came From The Shadows

teenage bottlerocket they came from the shadows

Written By: Zoe Porteous

Label: Fat Wreck Chords – Rating:

Teenage bottlerocket formed in 2001 in Laramie Wyoming, as a pop punk band, that was started by twin brothers Ray and Brandon Carlisle after the dissolution of their first band, Homeless Wonders, in 2000. More punk than pop, the band draws heavily on the Ramones and Generation X for influence, and of course all the attitude they can throw in your face.

As a band they have been touring for quite some time, starting in 2004 and releasing their first full-length album in 2005. Now signed to Fat Wreck Chords they are releasing “They Came From The Shadows,” one of the best punk albums of the year – fun, imaginative and above all, they know how to play their instruments.

When people hear the word ‘punk’ they usually think of a generalized overview of the genre as a whole, whether it is Johnny Rotten or early green day; Teenage Bottlerocket happily breaks all the old stereotypes without disappointing true punk fans.

One of the best tracks on the record is “Bigger than Kiss.” I’m a big fan of Kiss, and even though some of the lyrics are a little uncomplimentary, they are hilarious and make me wanna rock! Well they say that “the best form of flattery is imitation” and not that they are in anyway imitating kiss, the fact that they want to be “bigger than them” – I still consider it a form of flattery, and I am sure that Kiss would agree.

Ray Carlisle’s vocals may not be the greatest in the world, but he makes up for it with sincerity and power. Another amazing track is “Do What?” which kind of makes me want to drive really fast and punch my ex-boyfriends in the face, maybe at the same time?

Overall I would give this album 4 guns.

Like TBR? Check out: The Ramones, Generation X, The Donnas, Joan Jett


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