Dick Armey

Written By: Kelly Opdycke
(Editor, KO Zine)

President Barack Obama has finally decided the time is right for a health care media blitz. I’m not so sure what the wait was, but let’s hope Americans can get more out of him than we have in these last few months of the health care debate. On the other side of the debate, those curiously named protesters the teabaggers (why would you call yourselves that??) are not throwing in their socialism-hating, research-lacking platforms quite yet.

Interestingly enough, those leading (manipulating?) these confused, passionate individuals into protests, including the 9/12 march in Washington, DC, have little or nothing in common with the marchers. FreedomWorks Chairman Dick Armey is one of those leaders.

According to their website, FreedomWorks has been around since 1984. Their slogan states, “Lower taxes. Less government. More freedom.” And they’re not afraid to use George W. Bush as a reference. Ok, so far not for me, but sounds fair enough.
Then former House Majority Leader Dick Armey comes in. If you missed “Bill Moyers Journal” last week, you may know little else about him other than his congressional career. On his show that premiered last Friday, Moyers tore into Armey’s credibility on some key issues he supports by highlighting just how different Armey is from all of the teabaggers.

Like so many politicians, Armey has lived a privileged life throughout most of his career. How so, you ask? Well, for starters, he has been lucky enough to receive government-supported health care, first as a professor straight out of college and later as a congress member.

Or, in Moyers words, “Dick Armey is the epitome of those people with power and privilege who are insured against the vicissitudes of life and want no government assistance for any suffering except their own.”

FreedomWorks isn’t alone in the teabagging world. The Koch Family, who accumulated their wealth from the oil industry, funds Americans for Prosperity, another organization involved in the protests. And, oh yes, you will also see this organization sponsoring pro-drilling grassroots events across the country. How curious.
I have to say that the teabaggers (I still can’t deal with that word) and I will probably agree on very little. However, I’ve always thought that a good debate comes with knowledge on the issue. Many may disagree.

Do the research yourself. Then, if you still feel the same, create your own group. Just please no more words with a reference to what drunk frat guys do to each other when someone passes out.

Think Progress – Lobbyists Planning Tea Parties
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Freedomworks – Dick Armey


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