The Continuum enters, "This Century"

“This Century” is a pop/rock band out of Arizona. They are currently unsigned, but are represented by Earshot media. They bring a youthful energy and upbeat attitude to the genre. The Continuum recently had a chance to catch up with them.

Q: For the readers who may not be familiar with you, what are the most important things we should know about the band?
A: Pop/Rock band from tempe, az…trying to do something different in the scene…devilishly good looks…great charmers…B+ students.
Q: What were some of the musical influences that helped shape this band?
A: We were really into brit-pop (coldplay, radiohead, U2, etc.) for a long time…and still are…but now we’ve gotten a lot more diverse with our influences….some people more folky, others more into bigger pop records…we try to mix it up as much as we can.
Q: Talk about playing out of Tempe, Az, what the pop/rock scene is like there, etc.
A: There are a couple of solid bands. The music scene isn’t as diverse as it could be though. I think people latch on to a certain sound a try and replicate it one thousand times to the point where the scene lacks originality.
Q: September sees you playing a lot of shows. How is your schedule coming together, do you like playing a lot of consecutive nights, etc?
A: We would love to play 100 days straight if we could! The schedule is piecing together nicely. A lot of these cities we’ve never stepped foot in before so it will be great to meet a lot of people for the first time.
Q: For most of your shows, you’re playing with a band called, “The summer set.” What can ya tell us about that band?
A: The most adorable people you’ll ever meet! But seriously, another really hard working band, always touring and writing. I couldnt be happier to get play shows with these guys (and girl! sorry jess).
Q: The new album is, “To love and back.” What were some of the inspirations and ideas that brought this album together?
A: That was the song that really shaped the writing process for us. I think in some ways it was a departure in direction from some of the funkier music we had been doing. The beginning riff actually came together the night of a show just hanging out in a dressing room.
Q: Where was the album recorded? How long did it take from start to finish?
A: It was recorded at flying blanket studios in mesa with some over-dubs at our producer’s house. All of the initial tracking for the 6 songs was done in 1 day…we wanted to play the songs in a room together…we thought it would create the right vibe…all of the synths and vocals were added later…took about 2 weeks if i remember correctly…
Q: Most (if not all) of your songs carry a positive message and have elements of storytelling. Talk about this type of music and the writing process.
A: I try not to get to preachy with the songs but I think for this EP there was a lot of self-reflection so that tends to lead to preachy-ness….the writing process was grueling as we were trying to move from different sounds…I think we may have scrapped about 10-12 complete songs in the process.
Q: The song, “to love and back” has a catchy hook and utilizes some keys. How did this song come together?
A: Most of the song derived from that beginning riff…I had the hook “I went to love and back” for a while and just didnt know where to place it…that song has about 4 different versions…I just really liked the idea of looking at love as a cycle…finding it, losing it, finding it again….its one of the reasons why the hook is said at the beginning and end of the choruses.
Q: What are some of the long and short- term goals for this band?
A: We hope to be able to tour on this EP for a couple of months and then record a full length…Releasing a full length is the big goal at the moment!
Q: Ok, here’s your free chance. Plug your website(s), album(s), shows, other bands, whatever ya want!
A: alright here we go! go to , make sure to pick up our new EP “To Love and Back” on Itunes or any other download site!!! go check out our friends in a band called Gita!!
We’ll be watching “This Century” with close eyes. Here as always, in the continuum.


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