Frank Turner – Poetry Of The Deed

frank turner poetry of the deed

Written By: Joe Cardenas

Label: Extra Mile/Epitaph – Rating:

The solo artist from the UK returns with his third album, “Poetry of the Deed.” Former member of Million Dead, Frank Turner continues to stray from his Billy Braggs roots in exchange for a fuller sound, and catchier tunes. The interesting mix between folk and punk has always made Frank Turner’s music unique and unlike anything you may have heard. He continues to make his sound evolve while creating a solid set of songs for your Indie ears to enjoy.

Turner doesn’t and won’t disappoint his older fans, the acoustic sound is strong and continues to be a key component in his music. Each instrument is equally heard, but the acoustic guitar is given special treatment, which is a testament to his roots. I found the music in the album to be upbeat yet somewhat mellow at the same time. The acoustic guitar playing really helps to create this mood and the good drum and bass playing helps to further compliment this. The mix between Folk and Punk really helps to create this mixed mood and is what really helps Turner to stand out from his contemporaries.

The lyrics are mostly about teenage days and living life but one that really sticks out is ‘Try This At Home’ encouraging people write their own music because the lyrics mainstream bands use are stale and uncreative. Turner continues to bash mainstream with the following statement: “There’s no such thing as rock stars, they’re just people who play music/And some of them are just like us, and some of them are dicks.” A statement that is funny and true. The single ‘The Road’ is a radio-friendly song that strangely reminds of Dispatch, especially in the beginning. The lyrics in this song and others among the album seem to be about living life at a young age knowing that there is end. And knowing this, you should life to it’s highest potential but not fall into the hype of living fast and dying young in a reach for glory like so many musicians and stars from the past.

The album is a great follow up to Love Ire & Song with solid upbeat songs made with well written lyrics. Long-time fans will appreciate Turner for sticking with his roots while appealing to newer fans with his catchier sounds and radio-friendly songs. Anyone who is willing to try something new will definitely want to listen to Poetry of the Deed.

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