Mishka Spiro Trio Releases Awesome In New York

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Old School goes to New School with The Mishka Spiro Trio. Their blend of classic and modern jazz sensibilities is perfectly embodied by the title of their EP CD, “Awesome in New York.”

Technically headquartered in Los Angeles, the group is led by Tel Aviv song stylish Mishka Spiro, whose own gigs as a solo artist frequently swing her around Europe. Songwriting and guitar for the The Mishka Spiro Trio is provided by Scott Fivelson, who co-wrote and produced a film about the music business, “American Reel,” starring David Carradine, Michael Maloney, and Mariel Hemingway. He’s also a published novelist, with his satirical “Tuxes” (BeachSide Press).

Highlighting the jazz trio’s sound is the incredible Zane Musa, considered by many to be one of the new shining lights of the L.A. jazz scene. Zane’s own solo work can be enjoyed at

Yeah, they like L.A., but The Mishka Spiro Trio’s going to be “Awesome in
New York.”

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