Health Care Reform Activists to Protest at Clinics

Written By: Garry Cooper

Health care reform activists today borrowed a page from the strategy of antiabortionists and announced plans to block the entrances of doctors’ offices used by Republican members of Congress and Senator Max Baucus (D-MT).

“We’re going to stand in the way of these people’s access to health care until they make it available for everyone,” said a leading health care reform activist. “And we’re going to picket the entrances to ERs too if these Republican congressmen or Baucus happen to show up there seeking medical care.”

A panicked Sen. Baucus immediately responded, defending the health care reform reported out of his Finance Committee. “We merely wanted to raise the bar higher for middle-class and lower income Americans because every major study shows that exercise is an excellent way to remain healthy,” he said, “And jumping is one of the best exercises there is.”

Meanwhile President Obama continued to insist there will be a public option. “I want to assure every American that there will be a public option as part of this health care reform package, even if we have to pass out magnifying glasses for most people to be able to see it,” he asserted. Republican congressmen however threatened to scuttle the bill if the magnifying provision passes, pointing out that giving away magnifying glasses would add an unacceptable cost to the bill.

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