Jay-Z – Blueprint III

Written By: Giselle Rivera

Label: Rock-A-Fella – Rating:

What can be said that hasn’t already been said about the talent, swagger and ultimately the success of Brooklyn born rapper, Jay-Z? He’s a man of integrity and perseverance, and that’s a combination not only destined for success, but also for the makings of a legend. The iconic Jay-Z, has out done himself yet again in his most recent album “Blueprint III,” a disc that not only celebrates true Hip Hop and showcases the talents of rising lyricists Kid Cudi, and J. Cole, but also gives insight to Jay’s personal view of himself as a artist and as an individual.

“Blueprint III,” shows a hint of emotion, as Jay begins to bask in his success, gloating in his glory, for he has proven the force and impact of Hip Hop, as even President Obama has “brushed his shoulders off” during a televised speech.

Although, his first single, “Run This Town,” is a collaboration of nothing less than extraordinary talent with the voice of Rihanna and the wits of Kayne, Jay’s most incredible and rousing song, hands down, is “Empire State of Mind” featuring the ever-so talented Alicia Keys. He rhymes: “I’m the new Sinatra, And since I made it here, I can make it anywhere, Yeah they love me everywhere”

His bars reflect his understanding of himself as a symbol of Hip Hop, and as an ever-lasting voice of its truth. Always proud of his home, Brooklyn, New York, Jay never ceases a moment to remind us of where he came from and of how hard he worked to be the Jay-Z we know and admire, as he rhymes: “I made the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can.”

Blueprint III, is the official album of Jay’s success. It showcases his advancements as a lyricist and a humble mogul. If Reasonable Doubt, is Jay’s mark on building the foundation for success in Hip Hop, than Blueprint III, are the columns in which hold his empire high above the rest.


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