John Fogerty – The Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again

Written By: Jeff Markunas
(Americana/Country Editor)

Label: Verve – Rating:

They say that Real Estate holds its value because, “They’re not making any more of it.”
Musical genres usually follow this rule too.
We’re not getting Jimi , Jerry or Janis (or their talent) back, Bob Dylan is sadly sinking into dementia, and the Stone’s don’t roll, as much as creak.

The Blue Ridge Rangers Rides (to the rescue) Again!

The first incarnation of the BRR was a 1973 solo album by John Fogerty where he was the whole band. This time Fogerty has assembled a heavy duty group of musicians and some very heavy-weight backup singers – Bruce Springsteen, Don Henley and Timothy B. Schmidt all contribute vocals on “The Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again.”

The Rangers provide a loose, jubilant celebration of American Folk, Country and Rock music where Everyone’s giving their 100%, and having a Hell of a time doing it! There’s plenty of room to just stretch out and just PLAY.

The vocals on “Garden Party” blend so seamlessly that it sounds like one great singer suffering from a miraculous case of multiple personality disorder, and “The Boss” has to really kick it up a couple notches to avoid being smoked by Fogerty, when they duet on “When Will I Be Loved” – Listen to this cut and Marvel.

Fogerty himself, is a wonderful musical chameleon, who shape-shifts his vocal style to give a great performance on every cut. He’s always been versatile, but after 30 years, he has somehow managed to not only survive but to thrive and improve.

Rock Bottom Line
Great Songs – Great Band – Incredible vocals. If that’s not enough from an album for you, you better stop listening to music right now because – YOU’VE GONE DEAF!

CWG Rating – 4 Guns

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