Twin Atlantic – Vivarium

Written By: Zoe Porteous

Label: Red Bull – Rating:

The Alternative rock band based out of Glasgow Scotland, formed in March 2007; All the members of the band had been in different groups before forming Twin Atlantic. Vivarium is their first major release.

I was excited to review this band because I had previously heard them on Myspace and thought they had a genuine sound. Now that I was able to listen to all of “Vivarium,” I am even more excited to see future releases from Twin Atlantic.

Even though they are slightly more laid back and thoughtful then some of their alt rock contemporaries, it does not take away from their obvious rock and roll roots. Sam McTrusty’s vocals, especially on the track “better weather”, sound far more sophisticated then one would expect from such a fledgling band. I especially loved “better weather” for its melodic mood and rich guitar work.

The single “Lightspeed”, is definitely worth downloading if you want something a little more upbeat and fast paced. Also the track “You Are Turning Into John Wayne” is both comical and touching.

Overall I think it was a very solid album and definitely going out and purchasing. I know I will be taking a roadtrip with “Vivarium” as my soundtrack. I cant wait to see what they come out with next!

Overall I would give them: 3 guns

Like Twin Atlantic? You will love: Snow Patrol, Electric Six


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