Saosin – Interview With Beau

Written By: Natalie Perez
(Metal Editor)

California-based Saosin burst onto the post-hardcore scene in March 2003 with their explosive screamo-tinged debut EP, Translating the Name, on Death Do Us Part. For the recording, the band was comprised of vocalist Anthony Green, former Slayer guitar tech and drummer Pat McGrath, guitarist/vocalist Justin Shekoski (ex-As Hope Dies), and former Open Hand members bassist Zach Kennedy and guitarist/vocalist Beau Burchell. The band’s name comes from a Chinese proverb that means “small heart,” as in love cautiously. Shortly after the EP’s completion, Kennedy exited (going on to join Ashlee Simpson’s band) to be replaced by Chris Sorenson, and since McGrath had been enlisted solely to play drums on the album, Saosin weren’t solidified until that July with the addition of permanent drummer Alex Rodriguez (also formerly of Open Hand).

I caught up with Beau Burchell via e-mail.

NP: Does the whole creative process get more difficult as time goes on? Have you ever felt pressure to top yourselves?

Beau: It doesn’t get more difficult, but yes we always want to top ourselves.

NP: What kind of steps does “In Search of Higher Ground” take in comparison to your past releases? How do you view the leaps of growth Saosin has taken between the “Self-Tilted,” release to your upcoming release “In Search of Higher Ground?”

Beau: It’s been 3 years since the self titled release.. We have all grown as musicians and as people and I think it shows in the songs.

NP: At this point in your career, how much do you care about reactions? Do you still feel you can break in new people, or are you playing to an established choir of Saosin fans?

Beau: We are always trying to reach more people. It’s not our goal to stay stagnant.

NP: Saosin is at the point, and has been at the point, where you affect a lot of people. How do you feel about being labeled as “torch carriers for rock,” in the midst of generic and mainstream bands? Do you think Saosin could be a gateway drug for kids into rock music, sort of how Pearl Jam was in the 90s?

Beau: Wow, that’s a very kind label to be given. If we could accomplish a fraction of what Pearl Jam has done, I would be content.

NP: What’s left at this point? Are there still things left to challenge Saosin?

Beau: Of course, every day is an opportunity for us to accomplish new and great things.

NP: What do you have going on this year?

Beau: We are going to be touring in the states next month, headlining the Pac Sun tour. then we will embark on another world tour.

NP: How has MySpace impacted you as a band, and has downloading music helped or hurt you guys as artists?

Beau: We were at the beginning of Myspace, and it has been a great way to reach lots of people.

NP: Any last words?

Beau: Thanks to everyone who bought the new record and those who continue to support our band.

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