Iron Age – The Sleeping Eye

Label: Tee Pee
Rating: 3 Guns

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Iron Age

Written By: Dashiell Arkenstone

The Iron Age was a period where mortals desperately sought the knowledge and worth of the riddle of steel. Through God favor, thievery and honor, they roamed the lands of a prehistoric existence, hoping to solve the riddle and find salvation in its significance. If this album had been available for the dogs and curs of old, the search for the value of this riddle may not of been such an undertaking.

Hailing from the depths of a no doubt destitute quarter of Austin, this thrash quintet channels bellies full of Lone Star into a breed of aggression only found in the sun burnt south. Raw and crude riffage ushers a fierce blend of pure heavy-metal and d-beat fury with occasional fits of sludge on their sophomore release, The Sleeping Eye.

Undemanding in essence, “The Sleeping Eye” offers nothing new to metal, but contributes a powerful and hostile force all the same. “Dispossessed” and “Burden of Empire” are tracks that, while rudimentary in composition, thrive with adept execution; and inflectional, patterned vocals that retain the same brutal honesty throughout the album.

Eye flourishes with atmospheric interludes and borderline concept in its 44 minutes, and binary guitar work pairs for solos lacking no candor, and ventures beyond a utilitarian role. With a solid skinsman holding down the rhythm for the merciless bombardment, Iron Age evokes a feverish and rabid disposition to accompany any wanderer on his inexhaustible passage through the wastes.

The album reaches its finale at “The Way is Narrow” with an intro that of the likes of a great stoner-epic, and slowly disassembles itself as it falls into a droning chime before a triumphant return at minute 10, for one last reminder of the genuine power that these Texans bear.

By Mitra, “The Sleeping Eye” has carved its place in the halls of fallen heroes, and will remain a symbol of honor for all eternity.

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