Snoop Dogg: New Job & New Album

Written By: Victoria H. (Urban Editor)

Snoop Dogg has been named the Creative Chairman of EMI’s Priority Records. Ted Chung, Snoop’s Creative Associate and Manager at Stampede Management will become the Brand Strategist for Priority, helping execute Snoop’s business vision for the label.

Snoop said, “It’s a new partnership, a new Priority Records, and a new Snoop Dogg: the Creative Chairman…the Boss Dogg…the Dogg Father. The business model we’ve developed will bring the musical heritage of groups like N.W.A. to the forefront.”

Some of the projects Snoop has lined up is a new studio album, “Malice N Wonderland”, which should be out in December. The album will have production by Dr. Dre, Pharrell Williams, Tricky Stewart, The Dream, Danja and Nottz. Guests will include Lil Jon, Brandy, The Dream, R. Kelly, Jazmine Sullivan and Soulja Boy.

Snoop will also executive produce a series of Priority releases geared to the label’s 25th anniversary in 2010.

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