Mae – (m)orning

Label: Self-released
Rating: 4 Guns

Buy On:

Written By: Darwin Green
(Reviews Editor)

It’s dawn, and you’ve just left a house party full of friends, still running off the fuel from laughter, dancing, and stories. Perhaps you’ve met someone new and potentially special, you’ve exchanged numbers, and after getting into your car you start seeing the dawn creeping over the edge of the tall horizon of the hills, slowly filling the morning air with light you didn’t expect to be there so soon. You’re hungry and head toward an all-night diner. At the diner you run into some friends and sit at their table. The laughter starts up again, and after ten minutes of telling each other how weird it is that you ran into each other the post-party stories commence into more laughter.

And it’s better than that, because that special someone happens to be at that table with your friends, and you’re both secretly glad to spend more time with each other, and you have to sit next to each other, nervously and awkwardly wondering if you’re too close to one another, but enjoying it nonetheless. And only the two of you know something’s happening because it’s familiar, but you don’t know exactly what.

Then, after breakfast, you all go your separate ways and head towards your respective homes. You decide, just because the music is blaring and it’s a little brighter and the cool wind is flowing through the open windows, to make a sudden turn and head for a gorgeous drive through the hills. You’re still thinking about that special someone you met and their smile, without wondering if it will work out or not, not caring, just driving to the music in the morning.

That’s kinda what listening to this album is like.

**”(m)orning” comes out September 22nd – pre-order it on – Procceds from Mae’s album sales will be donated to charity, so BUY THE RECORD!!! – More info at**

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