50 Cent Postpones 40 Day Event

Written By: Victoria H. (Urban Editor)

50 Cent had to postpone his 40 Day event that was supposed to occur on Sunday, August 30th in Queens, NY as he was not able to obtain a permit from the city for the picnic.

50 Cent met with NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg to discuss the event and it had his support, but the main reason why the event could not go forth was that there was a fear that too many people would show up and safety would be compromised.

50 said “They (the Mayor’s office and city officals) told me not to promote the event, and then it got national coverage (the Post ran an article promoting the event before negotiations were completed). Then the fear factor comes in, can you control 100,000 people being in your neighborhood? Cause you might not be sure of a turnout at an actual venue, but in the neighborhood, everyone is gonna show up.”

50 questioned why the Post would report on the event before negotiations were completed by saying “Why are they reporting about an event that hasn’t taken place yet? Did no one get killed that day? Did no accidents happen that day? Why are they so interested? Because they know they can sell newspapers that way.”

50 said he is disappointed as he wanted to give his community something special. The Mayor’s office and city officials said that they will continue to work with 50 to ensure the event is successful and safe.


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