Autumn Hour – Dethroned

Label: Rock Ridge Music
Rating: 3 Guns

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Autumn Hour

Written By: Shaun Tapia

As far as debut albums are concerned, one rarely knows what to expect. You have an equal opportunity of hearing something dreadful as you do finding gold. Not the metallic, chemical element mind you, but an album that reeks of the closest ties to perfection. More often than not the album falls somewhere in the middle, slightly leaning toward the former, which, is “unperfectly” acceptable. Who expects perfection anymore anyway? With Autumn Hour’s freshman album, “Dethroned”, they do just that. Finding a comfortable place somewhere in the middle of that opinionated scale, they set up shop, and allow moments of their record truly shine. 

While the quality of the songs recorded were not professional by any means, this distracts you in no way from their music. Certain points in each song stand out as clear highlights, and they could not come at better times. Whenever it seems that a song has been dragging on a fair bit too long, guarantee a change will come not moments too late. When listening to the album, I could clearly hear the influence of bands prior, and yet a distinct air of originality remains. 

The album as a whole is a concept, taken from a book written by one of the members. If this fact alone does not sell you that this is a band who is trying something outside of the norm, then I just never know what will. Each song flows perfectly into the next, both lyrically and musically, and should be listened to as a whole. If it is normal to skip from song to song on certain albums, this is definitely one that you might need to break that habit with. 

All in all, the CD is a decent piece of work. It is catchy in the places it needs to be, powerful when the situation calls for it, and wonderfully put together. While some of the songs still fall into that middle category between amazing and dirt, so does most everything else coming out today. Overall, decent debut album from a band that has the capability to create something much more wonderful. Three out of Five stars ought to do it. Like Autumn Hour? Check out Isis and Testament.

One Response to “Autumn Hour – Dethroned”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    a friend of mine was given a copy of this album (or beer coaster?)so i gave it a listen. i think tecchio had finally jumped the shark with this project. i found it to be one of the lamest, so called metal albums that i've heard in a while. the songs are weak and cheesy. i'll stick to my old hades albums when i need a fix of tecchio. if your a true metal fan you can pass on this one. it's basically a bunch of dated, old men who think they still know what metal is. pulleese!my 2 cents: one massively lame listen. wish i could get back the 1/2 hour i wasted listening to that crap!

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