Chris Brown Sentenced

Written By: Victoria H. (Urban Editor)

Chris Brown has been placed on felony probation for 5 years in connection with his guilty plea to felony assault for beating Rihanna back in February. Chris was sentenced to community labor, which he will perform in Virginia (his home state).

The judge issued a protective order against Chris which says he can not harass, assault, threaten or molest Rihanna at anytime.

Per the terms of probation, Chris must obey the following rules and orders:

• Keep in touch with the Probation Department and report to court every 3 months during probation
• Subject to search and seizure 24/7 until probation is over
• Can not own any dangerous weapon- including guns or knives
• Provide DNA samples as requested by authorities

Chris will have to complete a 52 week long domestic violence program sponsored by the Commonwealth Catholic Charities. He also has to pay $2,500 in restitution, another $2,500 in probation expenses, $30 criminal conviction fee and $400 for the domestic violence fund.

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