The Ting Tings

Story/Photos by: Pauline Kurks (Live Show Editor)

The British duo may have seemed like over night success to a lot of readers, and in the world of music, that may be partly true. The English rock duo, Jules De Martino and Katie White had formed groups independently before their musical paths crossed in 2007 and they formed The Ting Tings.

Originally from Manchester in the north of England, The Ting Tings have been lucky to conquer the US market with relative ease and are currently touring in Europe, wrapping up festival season. They are due back to the US in September, where they will be supporting Pink. CWG caught up with them as they fly through the US to play the new Nokia Theater, downtown.

Beginning with a long drum solo, De Martino rocked the adoring fans socks off. As the momentum built, White came bouncing on stage in a skin tight jumpsuit and thick false eyelashes. The interesting thing about The Ting Tings is that it is just the two of them. Both De Martino and White play numerous instruments and make the stage feel fuller than it actually is.

The Tings combine funk and punk without loosing their pop commercial edge. During their set they resisted playing their most well known songs too soon and pulled off a colourful, high energy performance. They provided a set that was loud and full of juicy pop goodness. Both De Martino and White, project a great rock star quality with pounding electronic pop, and a larger than life performance.

White stopped to say a heart felt thank you to the huge crowd, “L.A. was one of the first places we played in the US and you’ve always been an awesome audience-thank you!” As they played their one and a half hour set, the audience seemed to be as pumped as the duo on stage. The Ting Tings have a great ability to fill up a huge stage and while swapping instrument for instrument they provide an awesome indie/electro pop performance that you can’t resist dancing to.

Having been nominated for Brit Awards, NME Awards and MTV Music Video awards, The Ting Tings have accomplished a lot very quickly, but do they have the substance to last? Only time will tell, however right now, with a solid fan base both sides of the Atlantic and long tours ahead of them, the British duo are going strong.

The Ting Tings

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