9MM SOLUTION – The Dream is Dead

Label: Rock Ridge Music
Rating: 3 Guns

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9mm Solution

Written By: John Rabb

Special thanks to Hobbes Caltous

The second album from Milwaukee’s 9MM SOLUTION, “The Dream is Dead,” is a diverse compilation of metalcore, groove metal, and Nu metal. As always, 9MM’s work demonstrates the band’s ability to cover the spectrum of the modern metal sound. The record comes out of the gate swinging with screaming vocals and pounding guitars on their self-titled track, while songs like “One in the Chamber” and “I Can Only Hurt” have a straight up metalcore sound. Interestingly enough, the band also demonstrates a real pop-influence in the melodies and vocals (some of which are almost emo-ish) on “Below,” “Hate This Place,” and “Suicide Letter.”

While the band brings an intriguing concept and a ton of talent to the table with its latest offering, “The Dream is Dead,” may be best suited for fans who like different sounds and genres on the same album. At its heaviest, the record keeps up with the best metalcore and groove metal in the business, while at the same time layering in melodic elements that keep the album from falling apart at the seams. Some killer songs on the album would play perfectly alongside metal icons such as Lamb of God and Killswitch Engage, while others might work better with bands with a more alternative metal sound. 9MM SOLUTION may be the exception to the rule, perfecting a heavy sound balanced with melodic vocals.

In the end, you’ve got an ambitious bunch of guys that aren’t afraid to combine every facet of the metal genre into one uncompromising album.
Once again, 9MM SOLUTION has teamed up with SOiL bassist Tim King to produce their latest offering. Ulrich Wild (Pantera, Static-X, Deftones) and Chris Djuricic mixed and mastered the tracks on the record. The majority of the album was completed at Mercenary Studios with Scott Creekmore, and all but two songs were mastered at Belle City Studios.

9MM released its first full length album “One Shot… One Kill” in the summer of 2006 through King’s Mortal Music. The record gained popularity through college and mainstream radio, and the band has played shows alongside Five Finger Death Punch and Hellyeah. 9MM SOLUTION is currently touring in support of the new album, including a number of upcoming shows with fellow Rock Ridge labelmates Psychostick.

9MM SOLUTION is: Dave Gregor (guitars, vocals), Chad Novell (bass, vocals), Joe Thillman (drums), and Hobbes Caltous (lead vocals).

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