Avery Storm

Photo By: Eric Vogel

Singer Avery Storm, whom Pharrell Willams has called the “Next Big Thing” and Jimmy Iovine referred to as “A Modern Day James Dean,” has worked with a dream team of producers on his new album including but not limited to Cool & Dre, The Runners, Babyface etc.

It’s been a long time coming for R&B singer Avery Storm. By now, you’ve probably heard him singing hooks for some notable singles of the past few years. The chorus on Notorious B.I.G.’s “Nasty Girl” featuring featuring P. Diddy, Nelly and Jagged Edge? That was him. And on Rick Ross’ “Here I Am” and “Rich Off Cocaine?” Avery had that ish on lock, too. And in addition to these top-billing guest appearances, he’s also lent his vocal talents to a smattering of albums, popping up on Nelly’s Suit, Jadakiss’ The Last Kiss and Murphy Lee’s So So Gangsta.

But after years of patiently waiting to get his shot at rocking on his own, Avery is finally ready to unleash his debut album Shotgun Love on the world on September 29th. The album’s lead single “Not Like My Girl,” produced by The Runners and featuring Rick Ross, is about to drop, but Avery’s got a lot more in store for his first official solo joint, including songs produced by Babyface and Jermaine Dupri and guest appearances from Jadakiss, Rawse and Nelly.

Shotgun Love in Stores September 29th


One Response to “Avery Storm”

  1. ICEIS Says:

    Thats gonna be FIRE!!!

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