Woodhands Remix of Peter Bjorn & John’s "Nothing"

Download the Woodhands remix of Peter Bjorn & John’s “Nothing

Toronto electro-duo Woodhands is back! The band has started into a set of tour dates in the US armed with a new remix of Peter Bjorn & John’s song “Nothing.” They are also looking forward to performing at this year’s Monolith Festival at Red Rocks. Woodhands is currently working on the followup to their celebrated debut from last spring, Heart Attack. The album will be called Remorsecapade and is due out on Paper Bag Records later this year.

In celebration of their return to the US, the band are offering up this remix for mp3 download. Daniel Werb from Woodhands talks about the remix a bit, “…remixing Peter, Bjorn and John was a thrill for us and we wanted to make sure that we didn’t just try to ape what they were doing. The vocal lines are so strong that it was easy to build a dance track around them, and the acoustic piano in the back end was our way of bringing out the sadness in the voice while still keeping the track bouncing. And somehow, even though we sped everything up, our version comes out twice as long. Dance music: go figure.”


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