Mayday Parade – Alex Garcia On Keeping Secrets

Interview By: Pablo Cortez

Fearless/Atlantic recording group, Mayday Parade, has revealed early details of their eagerly anticipated Atlantic debut album. “Anywhere But Here,” which arrives in stores and online October 6th. On July 29th, they premiered the album’s title track via a MySpace World Premiere.

PC: Let me go back to the beginning… How easy or difficult, was it for Mayday Parade to come together from two other bands? Did you guys tune right into your sound right away or did it take some work?

Alex: We actually had like two or more practice days that were secret. We didn’t want the other guys in each of our bands to know that we were planning on forming Mayday, so we had secret practices to make sure it worked. We ran through songs like “When I Get Home” and “Three Cheers” together as a 6 piece.

The chemistry was definitely there, so we were all happy with everything that we were doing. We were all friends before this, so it wasn’t hard to make it work.

PC: Where, what, when and who do you look to for creative inspiration when writing and composing your music?

Alex: For me, I’d say I’m always listening to music and finding inspiration from it. I think that’s how we all work. It’s rare that anyone of us has to be in a certain place or anything like that to write or be creative.

PC: Have you gotten any response from the Pussycat Dolls for your cover of “When I Grow Up?”

Alex: Playing it live, it seems that kids are really stoked on it, and really getting into it. Based on that I’d say the response has been really positive.

PC: You guys have a shit-load of shows lined up for the rest of the year, how do you prepare for what I can only imagine is night after night of gigs, girls and booze?

Alex: Ha Ha Ha. We like to party, but I feel like we are professional when it’s time to work. In a way, there’s no preparing for being out on the road a lot. It kinda takes a while to get used to it. I definitely just threw myself into this tour without preparing any. I feel like there’s not much else you can do. Maybe work out ha ha ha!

PC: Speaking of which, do you have a favorite show that you’ve done so far? One that left a lasting impression on you?

Alex: Playing in Erie, PA was pretty cool. We had never played there, so selling out the venue was really unexpected. Also, Iowa City was intense. Both shows were in kind of small venues but they were packed. Those kids really let loose too. I’d say those were very intimate and fun.

PC: How was the transition from unsigned band to hopping on with Fearless Records/Atlantic Records like? How did that come about?

Alex: Well we were on Fearless at first, then Atlantic. The transition was fine. Fearless always treated us like family and Atlantic has been just as close. Working with really good people makes it so much easier. I mean, whenever we first signed with any label, at first Fearless then Atlantic, it was always a question of ‘how will the relationship be?’

Both labels have shown us that they are willing to work very hard and develop a good relationship with us.

PC: How do you distinguish your sound from other ‘power emo’ bands out there?

Alex: I’d say we are more guitar-driven than other bands in the genre. We have solos and lead parts, so I think that makes us a little different. I also think that we try and rock out as much as possible live. A live show is very important to us!

PC: “Black Cat” is an interesting song. Is this based on anyone specific? That actress sounds like a bitch.

Alex: No it’s not. Its mainly about the feeling of jealousy.

PC: A lot of artists grow up with music being a big part of their childhood. For example, having music playing throughout the house constantly. Is this true for the members of Mayday Parade?

Alex: Oh yeah. We all have been listening to music for as long as we can remember. At first we listened to music our parents listened to. For me it was always the Beatles and classical music.

PC: Finally, what are you most looking forward to in your music career? What do you hope to gain from the Mayday Parade experience?

Alex: I just want to be able to play music for the rest of my life. I’m not too good at anything else so thats all I really want to do. If there is a way for me to play guitar and sustain my life then I’d be content.


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