The Audreys Take The US By "Flood"

CWG: How did you guys meet?

We all met in Adelaide, South Australia. In rehab.

CWG: What inspired the name The Audreys?

I’m a big fan of Audrey Hepburn, and also Hank Williams’ wife was called Audrey.

CWG: What is the music scene like in Australia?

Because we have a lot of space and great weather, we have a lot of music festivals. And I mean a lot!

CWG: What inspired your sound?

Something great comes from band members each bringing their own tastes and musical experiences to the table. We listen to a pretty diverse range of musical styles. When you take that to a producer who you really want to work with, hopefully it all comes together.

It was really a bit of an accident. A combination of

CWG: Your albums “Between Last Night And Us” and “When The Flood Comes” won the ARIA Award for Best Blues And Roots Album. How does it feel for your work to be acknowledged by the music industry and your peers?

It’s a great thing, really incredible. The ARIA Awards are like your Grammys , so you get to put on your best clothes, stagger down the red carpet and drink a lot of bubbles at someone elses’ expense. And if you walk away with a shiny memento at the end of the night, well that just makes it even better.

CWG: You are playing some shows in the US. What do you think of America? How are American audiences reacting to your music?

We’ve had good airplay on internet radio and solid sales on iTunes, so we thought we’d pop on over and play a few shows, dip our toes in the water so to speak.

CWG: “When The Flood Comes” has an alternative country feel and the songs have somewhat of a serious tone (such as drinking and death, like on ‘Sally & The Preacher,’ ‘When The Flood Comes’ and ‘Here He Lies’). Are these songs based on experiences you’ve had?

“Here He Lies” is a personal song, about my cousin who died young. “When the Flood Comes” is a murder ballad, and in “Sally & the Preacher,” we made up those characters … although let it not be said that we don’t like to drink, we’re Australian after all.

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