The Heat is On with I Am Ghost

Written By: Natalie Perez

What makes a live album? Well… you need a stage, a band, and sound equipment, but what else is missing? Perhaps an audience to watch the show, as it slowly forms to become something big and exciting. In the beginning, numerous flyers and posters are passed around and posted, and friends, family, grandparents, teachers are hounded ad naseum. Once that’s all taken care of, the audience needs to be put in the right place – The hot and steamy Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California.

Headliners, I Am Ghost, are among the local Orange County bands wanting to get a glimpse of the spotlight. They brought down the house at Chain Reaction in a frenzy of metal and destruction. They entertained the weak and weary, hammering the audience with high-pulsating doses of energy that seemed to last for countless hours after the band had left the stage. But this night wasn’t like most nights; it was the night I Am Ghost recorded their very first live album. I Am Ghost wanted the audience to get involved in the performance, breaking the silence around 10PM, and performing for an hour and 30 minutes. The audience just wanted to get in on all the action as I Am Ghost pummeled through 13-tracks of heavy metal.

The songs that sent the crowd into frenzied excitement included “Bone Garden,” “Killer Likes Candy,” “Our Friend Lazarus Sleeps,” “Pretty People Never Lie,” and “Dark Carnival of the Immaculate.” When it was all said and done, Steven had shouted out “Shut Up!!” – Causing laughter to erupt into the air as the band rounded off the night in a world of chaos and darkness that couldn’t be controlled.

Set List:
Don’t Wake Up
Our Friend Lazarus Sleeps
Bone Garden
Burn The Bodies To The Ground
Killer Likes Candy
Smile of a Jesus Freak
Saddest Story Never Told
Those We Leave Behind
So, I Guess This Is Goodbye
Dark Carnival of the Immaculate
The Dead Girl Epilogue: Part One
We Are Always Searching
Pretty People Never Lie, Vampires Never Really Die

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