Tandemoro – The Movers & The Shakers

Label: Cherry Ghost
Rating: 4 Guns

Buy On:

Written By: Alexandra Hoover

While you can snap your fingers to “The Movers and the Shakers” of Tandemoro, the album’s feel-good-flavor creates a kind of deceptive simplicity. After listening to the first few tracks, any music lover can hear an artful blend of funky mixes and balladic acoustics.

While the “Movers and the Shakers” opens sweet and upbeat, “A little bit of isolation”—like the subject matter—is a little more disturbed and strained, conveying a slight world-weariness. Don’t worry, this band is resilient!

Songs like “Long Long Time Ago” are oh delicious, whereas tracks like “Come On (Come On),” “Keep em ‘Waiting,” and “Hurry My Hand” are a Beck-like “Odelicious.” While “Keep em ‘Waiting” coalesces into a feeling of effortlessly floating away in a canoe, getting to know “Los Angeles” is like racing away in a fast paced ballahoo.

I am glad there are fifteen tracks on this CD. When listening to this album, “I can’t complain about being bored” (as the lyrics so aptly say). I love spaced out tracks like “We’ve Got Time,” and “I like Electrics,” which are reminiscent of The Flaming Lips and Euphone in their effervescent experimentalism. The creators of The Movers and the Shakers—Mike, Mike, Bill, Carl, Eric, and Shannon—really have a feel for rhythmic punctuation and soul-rebel melodies. I really like this band.

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