Antennas Up – Self-Titled

Label: Plastic Artifice
Rating: 4 Guns

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Antennas Up

Written By: PSG

The Antennas Up self-titled new album embodies the spirit of the quintessential young man. The songs are sexy, adventurous, confident, and aware, exactly the perfect young fella. This is an album that can go along with any activity: studying, dancing, sex, brushing your teeth. It’s fresh, fun, and shallow in a good way. There are no heavy messages or moralizing to be found in these tracks, just the beat of an exciting life.

The most impressive feature of the Antennas Up album is the way the artists, make the language of the lyrics work for them, specifically “Agree to Disagree.” The words trip along perfectly with the music. Another place this works well is “Break Me Down,” when it says, “in the nation, all this information.” Linguistic rhythm set to rival master poets’ is used through this album, making it particularly noteworthy.

The vocals on this album are also exceptional. On numbers like “PSA” and “Outta Sight,” the vocals could easily have been recorded off a Broadway stage. They are deep, powerful, and share equal space in the song with the music, a rarity. Often vocals can be overpowered by the music and vice versa, but Antennas Up save themselves from this expertly. Also, particularly in the softer, ambient track “Piano Song” the vocals prove very versatile as they become much more casual.

The best part of the album is the attitude it carries which comes mostly from the music itself. It has an excellent urban sound without becoming “gansta” which makes it relatable to more and more listeners. The thing as a whole is very optimistic, which reflects the outlook of a young man in today’s world very well. The sentiment, “we’ve come too far to let it go,” fits great with the light, youthful idea of the album. “You’re going too fast,” from “Break Me Down” also fits in with this theme. Isn’t that how it feels to be a young person at this point in time? Life can really speed by.

The music which brings across these great attitude-filled ideas is rather unique. The electronic sound never comes across as fake or trying too hard, as computerized music can. The artists obviously have real control over their vision to achieve this sound, and that is something deserving of applause.

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