VersaEmerge – 6 Questions With Blake

Interview By: Victoria H.
(Urban/Pop Editor)

CWG: What inspired the name VersaEmerge?

BLAKE: Versa means “the opposite” or “to change.” So the name means to change and emerge.

CWG: You’re currently on the Van’s Warped Tour. Tell us your best road story.

BLAKE: I actually got a formal marriage proposal from a fan today. That was pretty crazy!

CWG: We’re impressed by your humble beginnings and teenage dedication to your craft; do you feel you might have missed out on anything that other teenagers get to do? What did you learn about yourselves during the process of creating VersaEmerge?

BLAKE: It was more of a choice not to do what normal teenagers do. We were always working hard to benefit the and and practicing rather than partying and such. Nothing pays better than hard work.
CWG: You said that you think you are closer to finding the band’s sound, what process did the band go through to find the sound that best defines you?

BLAKE: I feel that as we put out more and more music, each is a stepping stone to ultimately achieve what we strive for your band to sound like. Time is progress.

CWG: What did you learn while recording your EP that you are going to bring to recording your LP?

BLAKE: Never settle on taking shortcuts just because it’s easier. We’ve learned to take every opportunity to make the cd ours.

CWG: Where do you see the band a year from now? Five years from now?

BLAKE: Hopefully a year from now we will be on a great tour with a great album having the time of our lives! There’s no telling where we will be five years from now… We can only set goals and try to make them!

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