The Used Special Edition Preorder Starts Today

The Used have announced a limited-edition preorder of their new album Artwork. The exclusive package, of which only 3000 were made, will be available starting today, July 21, 2009 exclusively on Artwork will be released on Reprise Records on September 1, 2009.

The CD/DVD package contains the full Artwork album, a DVD with behind the scenes footage, a 20-page expanded booklet, an exclusive Artwork t-shirt and a limited edition signed 18×24 band poster. It also includes two never before heard exclusive b-sides: “In A Needle” and “On the Cross (Save Yourself Mix).” The tracks will be digitally delivered on August 25th.

Produced by Matt Squire, Artwork is a raw collection of eleven songs that not so delicately teeter the line between being aggressively discordant and charmingly hooky. “This record is more sincere,” guitarist Quinn Allman says. “It’s got a sound more reminiscent of the first record. Lyrically, it completely engulfs you and makes you feel safe but it’s all about feeling alone and empty and knowing there’s always a light. If you’re frustrated that much it means you care that much. The music isn’t showing off. It’s just being what it is. I think the fans will appreciate all that.”

The Used Artwork limited edition preorder package can be purchased for $34.99 here.

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