The Darlings Tell All

Interview By: Evan M.

EM: So how did you decide, “Okay, we want to make a band?”

JF: I’m not an original member…but I started playing drums in a band when I was 14 because I thought it would help me pull girls. It turned out to be a passion and have been in bands, making music ever since.

CK: I think just growing up listening to rock n roll and punk my whole childhood just inspired me to want to be a part of making music, plus my dad had his old bass guitar laying around so once I picked that thing up I was addicted to playing it

JK: Bud lived next door to one of my homies, kicked it a couple times…we both played guitar and decided to start writing songs and form a band.

BH: It’s always what I wanted to do in life. We decided around 2004

EM: “The Darlings” is an interesting name. What made you choose it?

JF: The name “The Darlings” was already established with us by the time I joined in early 2008. In my opinion, the name just works.

CK: Being a rock n’ roll-influenced band, we just thought the name, The Darlings, kinda captured our vibe and just sounded pretty cool. We really didn’t over analyze it too much, ya know?

BH: It was taking forever to think of a name so one day I just thought it and threw it on the table. I just wanted something classy sounding.

EM: You say you’re inspired by Black Flag, The Descendents, the Circle Jerks, and Pennywise. Which of these bands inspires you the most and why?

JF: I spent all of my junior high and high school years listening to bands like the Descendents, Pennywise, Nofx, Rancid…the list goes on. I loved music and those bands, along with others always seemed to crank out good songs. I love listening to good music…and that directly influences us to write good music. Good music is timeless.

CK: The band that influenced us the most out of the four would probably be Pennywise, but its kinda funny because Descendents, Flag, and the Circle Jerks definitely had an influence on Pennywise so it all kinda ties-in in a way.

JK: I think all equally, they’re all hometown heroes, growing up these were bands I listened to that came up around here so naturally they’ll be inspirations.

BH: Sure we are influenced by those bands but it’s more that they come from the South Bay where we live. I’m inspired a lot by Elvis, Roy Orbison, Social D, Strung Out and Pennywise.

EM: It’s interesting that you list both Elvis and Social Distortion as inspirations. What do these have in common, according to you?

JF: I was never a big Social D fan. I like their singles, but I’m not very familiar with their other stuff. I’ve been a big fan of Elvis since I was in 4th grade. I started getting into Elvis because of the gossip mags that said he was still alive. I was so intrigued that this guy was larger than life. I asked my parents to get me an Elvis top hits CD. I put all the songs onto a cassette tape and listened to Elvis wherever I went.

CK: I think Elvis and Social D are both rock n roll pioneers of their time. They both wrote timeless music that will never fade out, kinda like Levis jeans and leather jackets…Timeless!

JK: They’re both icons…that write timeless music that will live on forever.

BH: Blues, Country, Rock n Roll and Punk.

EM: What are your favorite places to go? Where would each of you travel/stay if you had the money to do so?

JF: I’m a total home-body. I love being home more than anything. If I had the cash to just go crazy on traveling I would love to go to Europe. I’ve never been over there and would love to see it. Vegas, also. Vegas is always a good time when you’ve got money to burn.

CK: I’d say Europe and Japan would be on the top of the list. I’ve seen videos of bands playing festivals out there and the people just seem like they have a distinct love for music.

JK: Europe and Japan, that’s the dream….

BH: Favorite places – New Orleans, Mexico, London. Would like to travel to Italy/Sicily.

EM: You’ve already toured with a lot of bands. Which has been your favorite so far to tour with?

JF: All the bands we’ve toured with have been great. Pennywise is amazing. We really look up to those guys and it was amazing to see them rock every night. We have a lot of fun with the guys from the Street Dogs too. Those guys are great to watch and great to hang with.

CK: I’d have to give that one to Pennywise. They are all really cool guys and have been nothing but cool to us. They are definitely awesome to tour with.

JK: PENNYWISE!!! And Street Dogs.

BH: Favorite band so far Pennywise/ Social D.

EM: You won the “Battle of the Bands” in 2006. What was it like competing, what were all of you thinking as you moved toward winning the prize?

JF: That was before my time in the band…no comment. Hahaha!

CK: I wasn’t in the band yet.

JK: Who gives a shit…fuck judging bands!

BH: We just played are asses off and gave 110 %. I sang until my voice blew out. We were very stoked to win something. I think it gave us the confidence we needed at that stage of the band.

EM: What kind of drink does each of you like the most?

JF: I drink lots and lots of water. As far as alcohol is involved…I drink rum & coke.

CK: Pssshhh…Irish car bombs without a doubt, got some Guinness, Jameson, and Bailey’s chillin’ at home right now as a matter of fact.

JK: Coors Light!

BH: Sweet tea vodka with lemonade.

EM: Favorite old movie?

JF: “Goodfellas.”

CK: I know it’s not an Oscar winner or nothin’ but for some reason that movie “Tremors” with Kevin Bacon and those big underground slugs…yeah that movies rad. When I watch it I have to keep my feet off the floor…haha!

JK: “Back To School…” Rodney!

BH: “Angels with Dirty Faces” – old gangster movie with James Cagney

EM: So this question is for Josh Fasen: what do you like most about drumming? Have you played other instruments before, or just drums? Considered playing other instruments?

JF: Drumming is an amazing release for me. I love to play drums. If I’m stressed or angry or happy, I can get all that out playing drums. I guess it’s kinda therapeutic in a way. I didn’t really play anything before drums. I tried guitar a couple of times and it just didn’t make sense. I started messing around with keyboards and MIDI stuff a couple of years ago. That’s fun.

EM: Now a question for Kris: Some people say bassists are the “charisma” of a band. Do you consider yourself that, or would you consider yourself something different?

CK: I think every instrument is important but I always thought that the bass guitar was always the backbone of music. It’s the thunder that drives a song. In any tight band the drummer and bassist need to be locked in like an albino in the summer, ya know?

EM: One for Josh Kearney: What guitar player has inspired you the most?

JK: I look up to a lot of songwriters in all different genres of music, anyone with real lyrics that’s not a poseur…

EM: Buddy, What is the most demanding part of singing?

BH: keeping my voice strong/ not talking while on tour…haha…not getting winded on stage.

EM: ““We’re going to be around simply because we love it! So check us out!” It’s so amazing to see a band that’s drawn to performing solely for the love of art. What are your favorite parts of doing what each of you do, what do you consider the “act of creating” or “being an artist” the most?

JF: What’s beautiful about creating is that you can put the four of us in a room and we can just go off each other. We can have no ideas and then BAM, something happens and we have a song that we’re excited about. We will continue to be around because we love playing and writing music with each other. It’s that simple. The fact that other people like our songs is amazing.

CK: yeah just the thought of being able to create music and get it out there to other people to listen to in itself is an amazing thing. It’s just so cool to be able to take what you like and your influences and create something out of nothing, that’s what drives me.

EM: In closing, what do each of you want to tell your fans?

JF: Thank you! Thank you for coming out to shows. Thank you for supporting our band. Everyone that has ever bought a CD or a shirt…thank you. We love doing what we do…the fact that you guys like it too…that’s amazing. Thank you for the continued support. Keep checking our myspace for all sorts of new things.

CK: I just wanna say to anyone that backs our band thanks for the help and support and stay with us ‘cause we got a lot more stuff coming your way!

JK: Thanks and keep up with all the support.

BH: keep building the DARLINGS ARMY…help get the word out about us!!!! THANKS FOR ALL THE LUV YOU’VE SHOWN US!!

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