Super 400-Sweet Fist

Label: Rockridge Music
Rating: 3.5 Guns

Buy On:
Super 400

Written By: Ralph Greco, Jr.

Opening with the tight chunk guitar of “Needle Down” guitarist/vocalist Kenny Hohman gives us Robert Palmer sandwiched between some early Aerosmith; it’s a solid opening track that kind of looses its way about halfway through, but is still effective. “Another Heavy Word” has a great metallic guitar cutting, some neatly placed harmony vocals-Super 400 have their vocals pretty much studied-and the groovin’ lighter “Flashlight” sees bassist Lori Friday on lead vocals, some nice tom work from drummer Joe Daley and a chorus, that at times, reminds of The Jackson Five.

“Sand Hill” finally showcases Kenny Hohman’s guitar playing (as well as vocals) in a nice rooting blues number; unlike anything else on “Sweet Fist,” this is a great nasty loud blues. “Thorn Tree” sounds like Cream to me(not surprising since Super’s bio calls them a ‘power trio’), and “Dream Boat” Bad Company, with great vocals again from Hohman-maybe his best yet-on what I feel is one of the most ‘complete’ tunes on SF.

“Devil Song” is the requisite acoustic number, a nice enough tune, but nothing special other then the fact that it’s a quiet tune among all this loudness, but I really dig the closing touch of “White Bird”. When Super400 pulls put out their full three piece-ness, they are at their best: solid loud riffs, good vocals, dangerous plodding that at times (especially here on “White Bird”) is both swampy dark and heavy sharp all at the same time.

Super 400 enjoyed great success at Spain’s Azkena Rock Festival and I’m sure if they continue to deliver the way they do here on “Sweet Fist” this trio will continue to slog through. This is a solid 12 tracks, nothing too surprising, at times even a bit meandering, but this band, who obvious court some older influences have chops, subtle songwriting and a personality all their own.

Super400‘s Sweet Fist is a tight little bunch of rock tunes.

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