200 Words On Black Sabbath

Written By: Justin S.

Black Sabbath fans – There’s some good news coming your way, although it will provide little consolation to those of you who were looking forward to seeing the band play in North America.

For those of you who haven’t yet heard, Black Sabbath’s newest incarnation, which has been touring as Heaven And Hell, has been forced to cancel all of its North American tour dates. Yes, Canada, that does include you.

According to band members, the typical “irreconcilable differences” that have oft been associated with tour cancellations does not refer to rifts between band members. They continue to play together, and are still looking forward to eventually playing the band’s North American leg.

This event will be affecting the band members, as well. Though South American dates are still on, bassist Jamie Mallender will not be making the trip. According to his personal Web site, the cancellation of the North American leg has left him in a state of financial hardship, which is forcing him to stay behind.
Little can be said to soften this blow to Black Sabbath fans, except maybe the fact that Rhino records has unofficially announced the release of another single. Follow the Tears, which seems only fitting, is available for purchase on iTunes.

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