VersaEmerge EP

Label: Fueled By Ramen
Rating: 4 Guns

Buy On:

Written By: PSG

The six songs on Floridian alt-rock band VersaEmerge’s EP are quick and dirty, but nonetheless awesome.

The EP opens with a 39-second instrumental entitled “Theatrics.” This song is likely to make the hair stand up on the back of your neck and should be used in every suspense movie filmed from here on out.

This is followed by “The Hider.” The speed makes the lyrics a little hard to understand but this only makes the song universal enough to be enjoyed in a good or bad mood. VersaEmerge really knows how to rock the high pitches, but stay away if you’ve got a headache brewing!

“Past Praying For” comes next. This is what Avril Lavigne should have aimed for, an excellent juxtaposition of sweet-voiced vocals and eardrum-bursting electric guitar. Track 4 is titled “Moments Between Sleep” and is easily the most successful song on the EP. The lyrics have an easy and definite rhythm to them which would make them a great poem if simply read aloud. The vocals are really spectacular here. They are pushed further than on the other songs to a clear, bell-like sound. Check out the song at :55 to hear the vocals at their best.

The last two tracks “Whisperer” and “Clocks” feature both male and female vocals as opposed to the previously all-female vocals. These give the songs a universal relatability. The vocals of “Whisperer” have a Broadway, theatrical feel to them and “Clocks” has a really beautiful, sweet sound unknown to the other songs. With these vocals “Clocks” pairs soft guitar and chimes to give a peaceful feel to the final song.

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