Jega – Variance (Volumes One and Two)

Label: Planet Mu
Rating: 3.5 Guns

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Written By: Kian Abedini

Jega’s new album title is not a misnomer.

This is like that one night, fall semester of college, freshman year. You meet friends of friends in someone’s dorm room. Drinks are shared. A few more drinks are shared. Someone produces a bag of crumbly weed, and although it’s not your thing, you take a few labored breaths off the pipe when offered. The next few hours pass in a soft mist of laughs and secret stories blurted with abandon.
 And then, the second part of the night begins to play. 
The pot mixes with your stomach’s contents of cheap vodka and the watered down Cran-Tangerine leftover from last week. Sick turns to nauseous turns to a toilet water vista.

“Variance,” comes in two volumes of nine tracks each. “SoulFlute” and “Sakura” are triumphs of the first (Downtempo), while “Shibuya” of side two (IDM) is the stuff dreams – dreams of Pink Floyd and late Portishead dropping LSD and running through a jungle made entirely of metal – are made of. Sit up in bed next time you can’t sleep, and play “Dark Side Of The Moon.” You’ll see what I mean.

I recommend Volume One – The perfect soundtrack for a smoky late night gathering of friends, and friends of friends.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I like ur writing 🙂

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