Happy Mondays On Tour W/ Psychedelic Furs

Written By: Jim Markunas

Free Music! Download – “Step On

The music industry has yet to see a co-headlining bill quite like this one. The rawkus club and rave culture brought about by Shaun Ryder and his gang of Happy Mondays merry men is a perfect accompaniment for the brothers Butler, punk-influenced Psychedelic Furs.

Hailing from Manchester, England, Happy Mondays were discovered by Factory Records owner Tony Wilson, known best for signing Joy Division and later New Order. Happy Mondays brought about the danceablilty of the club to the stage; taking the focus of dance music off the DJ. Rather than an electronica sensibility, the band was making unknown strides to change the face of music entirely, transforming people one dance at a time as referenced in the film “24 Hour Party People.” The film, named for the popularized Mondays track of the same, most accurately chronicles the Mondays’ history and legacy.

While the energy of Happy Mondays can be summed up by the film, it’s the music that resonates with audiences for years to come. Songs like “24 Hour Party People” remind listeners of the need for a good party and the gift of free-form movement that it lends. Yet tracks like “Kinky Afro” have a groove sensibility to them that include all the elements for success… Catchy hooks? Check. Psychedelic guitars? Check. Shaun Ryder’s tongue-in-cheek lyrics? Absolutely. Shuffle to “Step On” for some nostalgia from when MTV actually played music videos, all in a hushed voice over keyboards, and you’ll be quoting the song in no time, saying “you’re twisting my melon man!”

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