Written By: Jim Markunas

Download This! – Brandon Stanley – “Run

Brandon Stanley is no stranger to the music industry. Four years ago, Brandon released his first single “If I Fall” to radio stations throughout his region. The result was a faith-and-gasoline effort that ultimately garnered Brandon a Top 40 single, brought him across America for five national tours, and proved that great music will always find a home and audience. A lot has changed within the music industry since then, yet Brandon still believes the same principle still stands as strong today.

The handsome southerner is an original. By staying true to his twangy roots, while incorporating pop elements, Brandon’s brand of simple musical emotion is not only moving, but it’s also refreshing in the current cookie-cutter music industry. The result is the angelic BIG OLD WORLD (Big Feather Records).

Breathy vocals that parallel that of Elvis Costello and Ben Harper, mixed with the simple musicality of Jeff Buckley and The Verve, Brandon Stanley is the soulful answer to current Americana.

Like Brandon Stanley? Check him out online – WebsiteMyspace

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