Rock Plaza Central – At the Moment of Our Most Needing

Label: Paper Bag Records
Rating: 3 Guns

Buy On:
Rock Plaza Central

Written By: Darwin Green

If Neutral Milk Hotel met Cloud Cult in a barn after an evening spent with the Polyphonic Spree singing around a campfire, you might get a sense of what this album has to offer.

Hypnotic chanting and the atmospheric, whiny intermittent fiddle allow the homorhythmic voices to leap out at the listener, jolting one with repetitious joyousness, infectious glee, or something other than glee; a sudden guitar or a bass line or some sprinkles of electronica punctuate what feels like a rural revolt against some mysterious antagonist.

The creaking, anarchic lead vocals threaten to head in any unpredictable direction, but remain confined to repeated chants. The horns soften this effect, relaxing one into submission, sustaining a thread common throughout the whole album.

Listening to this feels like watching the sun come up after waking very early in the morning on a farm, sitting in a nice car in the doorway of a barn full of hay and horses.

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