The Red Romance – Self-Titled EP

Label: Self-Released
Rating: 3 Guns

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The Red Romance

The Red Romance are making quite a splash. Already having toured with one of the biggest bands in modern rock (The Killers), these Indie Rockers are ready to go with their Self-titled EP.
Happy, poppy, feel-good music at it’s finest, the “Red Romance EP” gives stereotypical Indie Rock a much-needed breath of fresh air. Picture The Cure and The Killers on a weekend bender, and you’ve got The Red Romance.

The Red Romance – “Break Away”

“You only get one shot,” sings The Red Romance’s Matthew Dublin on their self-released, self-titled EP’s first track. The band’s first big shot came in 2007 when the Killers who, after hearing band’s early demos, invited them on the road for an arena tour. The unsigned band played across the country from Madison Square Garden to the Red Rocks Amphitheater to the Hard Rock Hotel, heaping up positive reviews from across the critic board. Entertainment boldly states that “The Red Romance is the best thing since [insert any band name here],” while praises the band’s “affinity for the finer things in life: pop hooks and all their trimmings.”

The New York City-based band—Dublin and Darren Beckett (drums), both former members of Ambulance LTD, Adam Chilenski (bass), Wes Carnes (keyboards), and Irina Yalkowsky (guitar)—has steadily won over both fans and music critics alike with their tight live shows and unique pop style. Dublin describes the band as sounding “modern” and being “very much influenced by the Smiths and Roxy Music.” But fashioning the pop genre into something innovative and fresh, like their Brit-pop inspirations, isn’t all the Red Romance is after. Dublin continues: “We also want people to dance. That’s real important.”

And they certainly make people dance. Commenting on the band’s 2007 CMJ show,’s William Goodman writes “at a skin and bones level, The Red Romance’s tunes embody cut and dry musical infection…‘Break Away’ exemplifies its zenith; a thick frosting of synths and simple, hum-worthy lead guitars float atop a solid Motown bass and backbeat spine — something other bands often refuse to do: accept simplicity.”

Be sure to catch the Red Romance at this year’s Planetary South by Southwest party.

03.07 @ The Luna Lounge (New York, NY) w/Looker and The Orion Experience
03.12 @ Volume SXSW Show (Austin, TX)
03.13 @ Maggie Mae’s SXSW Show (Austin, TX)
03.22 @ Mercury Lounge (New York, NY)
04.01 @ Dublin Castle (Camden, UK)
04.02 @ 229 Club (Marylebone, London, UK)
04.03 @ The Enterprise (Camden, UK)
04.04 @ Water Rats (Kings Cross, UK)
04.25 @ The Rock and Roll Hotel (Washington D.C.) w/Telograph

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