Papa Roach – Metamorphosis

Label: DGC/Interscope
Rating: 5 Guns

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Papa Roach

Written By: Jim Markunas

“Holy F%&$!!!” is the only phrase I can think of to describe “Metamorphosis,” Papa Roach’s 5th Major label offering, and followup to 2006’s “Paramour Sessions.” Having abandoned their metal roots for a more dangerous, biker-bar sound, Papa Roach have crowned themselves the new kings of dangerous; one-upping fellow rock bands like Avenged Sevenfold and Buckcherry.

Papa Roach made a promise to pummel their listeners with full-on rock, opening with the instrumental “Days of War,” and delivered, ripping immediately into the altruistic-yet-in-your-face, “Change or Die.”

Street-single “Hollywood Whore” follows third, and showcases the classic Papa Roach sound found on “Love.Hate.Tragedy” and “Getting Away With Murder.” The song is obviously about stereotypical Hollywood party girls, but the juxtoposition of Jacoby’s angry and bitterly comical lyrics take the old story to another level of rock; as does the anti-love song “I Almost Told You That I Loved You.”

Current single, “Lifeline” channels classic rock, and sounds a bit like U2 on meth (see video below). P. Roach’s guitar player Jerry Horton shows his stuff on this track, proving once and for all that Nu-Metal bands can play a guitar solo if they want to!

“Had Enough,” in addition to protesting this nation’s war-mongering spirit, in a way re-vamps “Forever,” the middle single from “Paramour Sessions,” but throws in a little bit of the Deftones’ and Interpol’s cerebral brand of rock.

“Live This down” just plain kicks ass. Enough said.

The last half of “Metamorphosis” becomes experimental and rock-opera-esq (not a criticism). Each song from track 8-12 fits into a running theme, showcases Papa Roach’s versatility, and channels the pomp of glam rock.

I don’t usually pester people to buy albums (afterall, I am a journalist), but… Everyone out there HAS to buy this album. Please click the links in this review to get “Metamorphosis” off iTunes and/or Amazon.

Papa Roach – “Lifeline” (Video)

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