Unique Busts It Out

CWG: Tell us about the unique skills you bring to the music industry!

UNIQUE: Well, I’m just overall the dopest ever!

Nah I’m joking, but seriously…I’m a writer for one and I am very involved in the full process of creating my music but I also believe the gift that I have is being able to combine music that is good to your ears, has bump but then is good to your heart with a message.

CWG: What can we expect from your album?

UNIQUE: Something refreshing. The world can expect a boiling pot of dope music that says a lot about who Unique is but is also relatable to so many kinds of people.

I want it to transcend boundary lines of race, age and culture.

CWG: What was it like to be a featured artists on BET’s “Blaze The Stage”? What is it like to get the kind of exposure?

UNIQUE: Anytime I’m given the chance to do what I love it is a rush of emotions…butterflies, nervousness, but then that switch goes off to Mr. Showtime and all I feel is excitement and confidence.

From coming from my living room, or talent shows or being featured on a small scale to these bigger opportunities is an accomplishment. I’ve done big arena shows as well in front of thousands of people so whenever I get the chance to showcase my talent for my fans whether it is one person or 10,000 I give it my all.

CWG: How would you describe yourself as an artist?

UNIQUE: I’m the kind of artist that you can see yourself in…not afraid to be myself and stand for something…one thats hungry and always reaching for the stars…whether it is my music, my style, my life goals.

I’m not coming trying to be in the “perfect” bubble. I’ll give you 100% Unique at all times, flaws and all.

CWG: Does coming from Bed-Stuy influence your music?

UNIQUE: Definitely, I think New York as a whole influences my music, my style, that edge…all that I am. Overall, New York gives me my attitude…my “so whatness” but reality about things…and not in no cocky way but just that attitude you need to win when the odds are stacked against you.

CWG: What are your musicial inspirations?

UNIQUE: Anyone who has a distinct sound and made big waves in music. Artists like Michael Jackson, Brandy, Usher, Gwen Stefani, Beyonce…Kanye even, comes to mind for me. And I know a lot of them are from the new school but these artist were relevant to me growing up.

I saw them as really having an impact on Pop culture, whether it was their sound, style, stage performance, video concepts, overall package and thats what I aspire to do so one day a newer artist list me in his or her inspirations.

CWG: Where you do you see yourself a year from now?

UNIQUE: Geesh! A new man! LOL…

A year from now seems so far but so close. I would hope to have grown even more as an artist in every aspect. Singles on the radio, album in stores, face plastered on billboards and continuing to give back to my fans, my community and the world!

I’m trying to be here for a while, ya know…so I’m building my foundation now.

CWG: LA Reid signed you to Island/Def Jam. Reid has guided many artists to great success. What advise has he given you as your career is starting?

UNIQUE: First I got to definitely say it is an honor to be a part of his legacy.

There are so many artists that he’s helped guide to super-stardom and I want to be another one to add to his plaque wall. He’s made statements to me that hit home more than advice. Early in getting signed to Def Jam through my label Star Power Media, LA told me I have a good team behind me and everyone knows you can’t really make it without that, so I took that to heart.

But one of my funniest moments with him was when we had an impromptu listening session and performance right there in his office and while pouring my heart out I ended up losing my kicks.

So when I sat down by his desk all winded I said “Wow, I can’t believe I have my shoes off!” and he replied “This is your home, get comfortable.”

I was speechless after that.

CWG: Is there an artist or producer you would like to work with and why?

UNIQUE: Um, I think it would be a dream come true to work with Beyonce on a collabo. I think she’s an icon in the making.

As far as producers I’m open to anyone who’s just as passionate as I am and willing to take chances with music.

Like Unique? Check him out on Myspace.


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