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Written By: White Chicks On Rap

Update On Eminem’s New Album

Everyone else has been commenting on Eminem’s music plans and now the man himself is confirming a new album and book.

Eminem is in the studio with Dr. Dre working on Relapse. No release date has been given and Dr. Dre has put his own album Detox on the backburner so he can help Eminem and 50 Cent.

The track “Crack A Bottle” has been leaked to the internet which has upset Eminem because the track was not completed. The leaked track contains a dialogue between Dre and Eminem that Dre has not recorded yet, so you can only hear Eminem’s part.

Eminem also addresses the rumor that there will be a Stan Part 2. Producer Swizz Beats’ said that he submitted a track to Eminem that is a Stan Part 2, but Eminem said that he is not working with Swizz Beats and that the idea of doing a Stan Part 2 would be “corny” as Stan died in the first song. “I’m not writing a song as Stan’s ghost.”

Before I Self Destruct To Be Release In February 2009

50 Cent and his record label have confirmed that “Before I Self Destruct” will now be released in February 2009 instead of December 2008. 50 is in the studio now with Eminem and Dr. Dre to put the finishing touches on the album. Eminem commented to Billboard that “I have a couple of tracks on there with him. It’s sick.”


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