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Written By: White Chicks On Rap

Emimem’s Official Return

The rumors are true…Emimem is releasing a new album called “Relapse.”

Emimem confirmed the news during a radio interview while promoting his new book, “The Way I Am.” Em also took the time to introduce a new track called “I’m Having A Relapse.”

No release date has confirmed, but 50 Cent said that the album might be released before his album (“Before I Self Destruct”) on December 9th.

Naughty By Nature To Reunite For A New Album

After being recognized by VH1 has hip hop legends, Naughty By Nature are reuniting for a new album. The album is tentatively tilted “Anthem Inc.” and plans are to release the album independently as the group is shopping for distribution.

Lil’ Kim Sued

Brookland Media filed a $2.5 million suit against Lil’ Kim saying she has breached the contract by not delivering the required recordings.

Brookland Media says they have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on advances, equipment and recording sessions.

The lawsuit says the Kim tried to change the contract with Brookland Media and refused to record until the company gave into Kim terms. The company is asking the court to declare the contract valid and bar Kim from signing and recording with another company.
Kayne’s New Album To Release On November 25th

Kayne fans now only have to wait until November 25th instead of December 16th to get “808’s & Heartbreak.” Kayne made the announcement at a show in Los Angeles before performing “Heartless” which is scheduled to be the second single off the album.

Wu-Tang Documentary Coming To BET And DVD

“Wu: The Story Of The Wu-Tang Clan” will premiere on BET on November 13th, just five days before it is released on DVD.

The documentary will air on BET multiple times between November 13th-16th and in December. Wu-Tang is also scheduled to appear on BET’s “106 & Park” to discuss the documentary.

On November 18th, a greatest hits package containing songs from Wu-Tang and solo projects will be released.


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