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CWG: What is it about 1960’s music that inspires you?

It’s more the feeling that people had at that time than the music itself that inspires us.

We also use old instruments so we can say that we love vintage sound. We come from Perpignan, where there was a huge 60’s rock scene. It’s our background but nowadays, we’re more open then ever and found our inpiration in everything around us.

CWG: What do you think of the US music scene as compared to France or the rest of Europe?

It’s really hard for us to be a rock band singing in English in France because it’s not in the “French culture.”

Most of the bands we like are from the US and British scenes. We tour quite a lot in Germany, Spain and more, but it’s nothing beside the hope we put in a future tour in US.

CWG: What is it like to have your song “You’re Gonna Say Yeah!” included on the Guitar Hero World Tour soundtrack?

It’s really important for a band like HP, in that way we reach a lot of people who had never heard anything from us before. Especially for a French rock band. In addition we already found a label that is interested in the development of the band in the US.

CWG: Do you play Guitar Hero? If so, what’s your favorite song to rock out to?

I don’t… but Cyrille, our guitar player loves the game. He’s quite good and I might say that his favourite song in that 4th version is “Back In Black” by AC/DC.

CWG: Do you find that since “You’re Gonna Say Yeah!” was included on the Guitar Hero World Tour soundtrack that your audience has grown?

We can’t say that the audience grown, we don’t have huge connection to our website or myspace since the release of the game. But we see a lot of fan’s video playing our song all around the world and that is really new!

CWG: What are your goals, musically, as a band?

We don’t make plans, we’re here today just because we like music and because we play together as friends for 15 years now. When we’re making songs we’re just following our mood and if one will touch people it’s enough.

CWG: What was the inspiration of “Silence Is Golden?”

Well the title is speaking by itself, it’s an ironic theme. It’s different situations where people are choosing to stay quiet (because of the fear of being contested and put on marginal side), instead of taking their responsibilities and try to change things, which is much more dangerous.

CWG: Some have compared you to the Hives. What do you think of that comparison?

Good but reductive. We play garage and energics songs just as the Hives, but we also have a different side with darker and more psychedelic songs. Have you heard about the Beta Band??

CWG: Has a group you have released a lot of EP’s. How is the recording process for an EP different for a LP?

Most of the time it’s the same, we use album sessions to make EP’s. Except once for our “Single ” EP.

CWG: When you started you were doing covers, what is it like to write and record your own music?

The covers time was not so long, we start early to make our own music even if it was really bad. The recording came long after and that is an other thing.


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