The Hushpuppies – Silence Is Golden

Label: Minty Fresh
Rating: 3 Guns

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Written By: White Chicks On Rap

When I was given this album, I asked, “Who are The Hushpuppies?”

I was told, “All you have to know is that they are like a French version of The Hives.”

While I agree that the Hushpuppies are a similar to The Hives, the reality is that the band not a copy of anyone.

The Hushpuppies are a five-piece band from France that are starting to make a name for themselves in the US thanks to their song “You’re Gonna Say Yeah” being included on “Guitar Hero: World Tour”.

“You’re Gonna Say Yeah” is one of the tracks off their album Silence Is Golden.

The album has a unique 60’s garage sound, reminiscent of early work of The Who or The Animals. Silence Is Golden has a great flow; the songs well-crafted and written.

There are pumped up songs like “You’re Gonna Say Yeah”, “Lost Organ” and “Bad Taste And Gold On The Doors” and slow songs “Love Bandit” and “Harmonium”.

Personally, my favorite track is “Harmonium” because it’s edgy, moody and reminds me of something that The Smiths would offer up.

I think The Hushpuppies are an interesting band and have a lot of promise…really the US is the last place for a band to break these days. The Hushpippies’ 2005 debut album The Trap was a huge hit in France and 20 other countries; they’ve also toured Europe, Japan and Russia.

Like this band? You may also like: The Hives, The Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand.


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