Snow Patrol – A Hundred Million Suns

Label: Universal/Polydor
Rating: 3 Guns

Buy On:
Snow Patrol

Written By: White Chicks On Rap

You may have not heard of Snow Patrol, but I am sure if you watch “Grey’s Anatomy”, you know one of their songs (“Chasing Cars”). That song may have introduced them to American audiences, but for UK audiences, Snow Patrol is one the best bands on the Britpop scene.

If you are not familiar with Snow Patrol, their albums are very epic. The vocals are distorted, the music and lyrics are dramatic and emotional and A Hundred Million Suns continues the tradition. The space theme of the album title carries into the songs “If There Is A Rocket Tie Me To It”, “The Planets Bend Between Us”, “Engine” and “The Lightening Strike”. I was very impressed with “The Lightening Strike”. The song is 16 minutes and has everything…choirs, orchestras, guitars all describing the end of the world. Trust me when I say, that you will be entertained for the full 16 minutes.

Gary Lightbody always writes lyrics that I have to listen to again and again because I can’t figure out the meaning. In “Engine”, Gary sings “Use me forever as rocket fuel/Love me like the silence of the turning earth.” I will be pondering this line for weeks.

What I have always loved about Snow Patrol is their passion. Their passion just pours over every aspect of their music and they are unapologetic for expressing their emotions. A Hundred Million Suns is a beautiful album that shows the bands continued growth.

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