Ravoenettes – Lust, Lust, Lust

Label: Vice Records

Rating: 4 Guns

If the Velvet Underground, Jesus and the Mary Chain and Ronettes hanged out Denmark, you would have The Raveonettes. The group’s third album sounds like it was recorded in the gutter. And that is not an insult. A guitar heavy album, it seems that the music is the main attraction and Sharin Foo’s smooth icy vocals come second. The tracks flow very easy into one another creating a very ambient atmosphere.

“Blitzed” has a surf rock meets Debbie Harry/Blondie vibe. “Aly, Walk With Me” and “Lust” are very haunting tracks. “You Want The Candy” is a bratty, sexy song basically temping a boy by stating “I know you want the candy”.

This album is mysterious, sexy, dirty and edgy and lives up to the title.

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