Pick Me Up, I Dare You!

Written By: Jodie Westerman

Really good ice breakers…

1) I see you’re into ______. What do you think about _______?

Um… can you say intriguing? Not only has he taken the time to notice that “Go Green” pin I have on my bag… he wants to learn more about it… maybe even debate me on it. Sure, it may seem weird… challenging the views of someone you hardly know… but in doing so, you’ll stick out as someone who was not only dynamic and self-assured enough to engage a stranger in intelligent conversation, but different enough to capture their interest long after that conversation has ended.

2) I feel like I know you from somewhere…

This one is pure genius… Not only does it give you a mandate to explore all the places you “could have known each other from” (thus learning a lot about the person as they learn about you), it’s also ambiguous enough to render the other girl “rude” if she simply ignores or casts off such a fleeting, harmless observation.

After all, you were considerate enough to remember her… she should at least TRY to remember you. In the end, she’ll probably conclude you were mistaken and you never knew each other… but by that point… it won’t really matter. You’ll have broken the ice… and that’s all you set out to do in the first place!

3) Looking for a really good place to eat around here… know of any?

The cool thing about this line is its casual nature suggests you’re just hungry… but its effective application leaves the door open for her to come with you. Time spent eating at her favorite restaurant or snack bar?

Now that’s a successful ice breaker. And hey, even if she’s on the run or just simply a little leery of spending time with Mr. Stranger… she’ll be flattered that you chose her to help with your vitally important dining dilemma… and you’ll learn where there’s great sushi.

4) Hi, I’m _____. Look, I’m not very good at coming up with all kinds of clever lines to catch a girl/guy’s interest… so I’m going to put it to you straight… I think you’re really attractive and I’d like to get to know you.

When in doubt… just be honest. Girls respect honesty… and with all the game-playing that goes on these days… I, for one, would definitely reconsider my pre-programmed “no” when responding to something so new and refreshing as “I think I might like you… care to give me a chance?”

Not so good ice breakers…

1) DAMN girl… that ass is bootyLICIOUS.

No brainer? You would think. But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen guys try to win a girl over by complimenting her body. Ok we get it that you wouldn’t be interested if you weren’t physically attracted to us. But when our bodies are all you can talk about… we know that’s all you’re interested in.

Call me an idealist… but I don’t think that’s true.

2) So sorry… but do you have the time? I seem to have forgotten my watch/phone.

This one’s been done over and over… so much so that when I actually have forgotten my watch or phone I make sure I ask a woman for the time just so no one thinks I’m hitting on them. But even if you DO need the time and you’re simply an OPPORTUNIST figuring you’ll kill two birds with one stone and catch the interest of that pretty girl at the corner table… this line is really a very bad ice breaker because it only does two things… tells you the time… and lets her know that you didn’t know the time. And I mean, really, how are you supposed to make a conversation out of that?

Oh, my, really? 2:05 PM you say? That certainly isn’t noon… but it’s also not 3:00PM either. Yes, I’d wager to say it’s definitely 2:05 PM. Which is what you just said. Thank you for your
accurate response to my inquiry.

3) I know you probably hear this all the time… but you look just like ________.

Sure, this sounds like a great way to tell a girl she’s hot without making a shovenistic comment about her appearance… but the risk of offending is just too high. What if she thinks Angelina Jolie has weird lips… or Keira Knightly is just too skinny.

Sure… all you meant to say was that the girl is pretty… but you’d better believe she’s over-analyzing the situation – and the odds are not in your favor.

4) Your man is a fool for letting you out of the house lookin that good.

Ok guys, we girls get it that when you mention our “boyfriend” – you’re really just asking if we have a boyfriend. We even find it rather endearing that you think you’re being clever. What we definitely don’t like is the idea that you honestly believe that if we had a boyfriend – we would obviously be doing everything he told us.

So, of course, our present situation… has been preapproved by the dominant male in our lives. Feminist-esque you say? Perhaps. But keep in mind that first impressions are very important. So if you can avoid appearing domineering… it’s best to do so.

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