Nas – Untitled

Label: Island/Def Jam
Rating: 3 Guns

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Written By: White Chicks On Rap
Last year Nas told the press he is recording an album that he plans on calling N***er. That one announcement struck a chord in this country. Rev. Al Sharpton , Jesse Jackson and the NAACP protested this title, while others (including his own record label –Def Jam) believed that Nas has a right to called his album whatever he wants.
There are some rumors that political pressure on Def Jam forced them to remove the album’s original title. Even with the original title removed, the cover art shows the scars of whipping on Nas’ back.

“You Can’t Stop Us Now” is journey through the history of black America.

“Sly Fox” talks about the racist double standard portrayed on Fox News. Nas and others protested in front of the Fox News headquarters and tried to present signatures of thousands of people who believe Fox is racists in their coverage of news and politics. Fox refused to accept the petitions, but the Colbert Report did and Nas performed this song on air.

The conversation of racial hypocrisy continues on the track “America”.

Nas even gives his endorsement of Barack Obama on the track “Black President”, by saying Obama is the “new, improved JFK” and that he’s “thinking I can trust this brother.”

The album features several guests including Busta Rhymes, Chris Brown, Keri Hilson and my editor’s favorite rapper The Game. For my editor, go to track 4 (“Make The World Go Round”).

Rap has always been a way of life to Nas. Nas studied rap; he knows the history and talks about real shit. My editor asked me the other day why I have not reviewed any rap albums lately. I said because there hasn’t been anything worth reviewing. To me, rap is more than a stupid dance on YouTube or the same recycled beat where some girl is shaking her ass.

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